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POWER OF ASSOCIATION (A Successful Marriage Life)


The reason why most of you will either have a failed or successful marriage is because of your association.

Can I say it another way?

Many marriages have failed or succeeded because of the company the people involved have.

Most of us that are still single are already building a failed marriage without knowing.

You hang out with friends that encourage cheating in a relationship and you think you won't fall victim one day? Your closest friends are those that plot how to play a guy or a lady and you think you are having fun abi?

For some of you, all your friends are those that talk about a failed marriage and you think that mindset is not gradually building up in you? You gather with your friends and all you talk about is how so so so persons marriage is not working. You talk trash about the opposite sex. If only you know what you are doing to yourself.

The one that is the most annoying is that of some married people enjoying a successful marriage, doing the right and sane things to love and please their partner only to allow a negative mind (association) to corrupt them. They stop doing the good things they used to do and soon their marriage starts having one issue to another.

If you don't know before, listen up.
Your association has a great influence on your life. Some claim they can't be influenced but what they don't know is that influence doesn't happen in a day. It's like programming, you only realize it when you start manifesting whatever that it is that you have been influenced with.

Even the Bible said this in a more careful way.

"Evil communication corrupts good manners".

Wait for a second, you think evil communication is limited just to going to native doctors or plotting to take a life? No no no. If you think it's just this then you have missed it.

Now listen, communication is evil when it goes against Biblical instructions. If you constantly communicate fear or doubt for example that is evil communication. If you plot evil like rape even if you didn't participate that's evil communication.

If all you are quick and good at is to pick out the negative side of marriage that's evil communication, ah trust me, you will surely have a failed marriage.

You have a long list of how different marriages are failing but not a single item on how successful marriages are working and you think you will have a good marriage.

Hey let me remind you this quickly, what you focus on the most is what you will likely get. Think about it.

Uncle/Aunty, you got to move. You got to change. You got to reprogram that thought pattern. Most of this thought partner is as a result of who you hang out with.

So right now if you really desire to have a marriage that works you got to cut off those associations you keep that inspire that negativity. If you can't completely stay away from them then you must learn to stop them the moment they start communication that evil thought that gradually program your way of reasoning.

You must immediately seek out marriages that are successful and start learning how to make yours successful too. Build a solid friendship with those heading towards a heaven on earth marriage, those who believe it's possible to work in harmony with your partner. Those that understand submission and respect, those that will pray with you and pray for you when your faith is going down.

You need the Grace Association. People that understand the true reasons for the coming together of a man and woman to become one.

Reconnect with the right association and dissociated from the wrong one that only builds negativity into your head.

Tell us how you and what you feel on this ....comment below..

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