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13.6 Billion Naira National Assembly to be renovated with 27 Billion naira,Nigerians React.

National Assembly that was built with N13.6 Billion , but would be renovated with N27 Billion.
This people have No Shame.🤮🤮🤮
#inhuman__Mrp of psquare recently twitted.
Thank God some Nigerians are aware of this inhuman acts of leaders of Nigeria but nobody's going to do something because everyone is afraid. So Nigerians have to wait for their Messiah to take them to their promised land.

It’s shameful, says CACOL

In his comment, the chief Chairman, Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, Debo Adeniran, said it had been unfortunate that Nigeria, which is that the poverty capital of the planet , would relegate the health and education sectors.

Adeniran said Nigeria had one among the very best maternal and mortality rates within the world also as out of faculty children and therefore the government need to give priority to health and education.

He said, “Why should we waste N27bn on building that's not showing any sign of distress? it's a misplaced priority and a complete waste. The National Assembly doesn’t need repainting including renovation.

“Nigeria is that the poverty capital within the world despite being one among the foremost endowed countries. it's the misplaced of priorities that brought us to the present sorry state we found ourselves.

“Nigerians are dying from treatable and preventable diseases and therefore the government thinks it's right to slash the health budget while maintaining the N27bn for renovation? it's a shame.”

N27bn allocation for N’Assembly renovation, injustice to Nigerians – HDA

Also chatting with The PUNCH, the chief Director of Human and Development Agenda, Lanre Suraj, said Buhari couldn't claim to not remember of the injustice being done to Nigerians.

Suraj said reducing the health budget showed that the govt had not learnt any lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said, “It are going to be very difficult to absolve the President of the blame. this is often a disservice to children and Nigerians generally . it's obvious the govt doesn’t have the interest of the masses at bottom .

“The pandemic has exposed the poor state of the general public health centres as they need did not meet to plain within the pandemic. to scale back the essential health care fund by almost 50 per cent then maintain the allow National Assembly complex renovation which has no pertaining to the people may be a betrayal of trust and every one citizens must reject it.”

When contacted on the phonephone , the Special Adviser on Media and Communications, Yunusa Abdullahi, asked our correspondent to send a text message so he could respond appropriately. He had yet to reply as of press time.

In December last year, there was outrage over N37bn budgeted for the renovation amid dwindling allocations to big sectors.

Curiously, before the budget was reviewed, while N37bn was budgeted for the repair of the National Assembly complex, N36.6 billion was allocated for the repair of federal roads.

But the Senate had said the outrage was misplaced on the grounds that the National Assembly leadership played no role either within the approval, the execution or the value of the project.

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