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All behind hushpupi's arrest and How Hushpuppi scammed United States government of millions meant for ventilators for COVID-19 patients

How Hushpuppi scammed United States government of millions meant for ventilators for COVID-19 patients

Today is simply one among those days that Nigerians will frown at fraud, ramble about how fraud is evil. But at heart they've always wished to possess Hushpuppi's money, they admire Diezani, Mompha and other fraudsters. you would possibly be wondering why about 60 Interpol and FBI agents stormed Dubai to arrest popular social media sensations, Hushpuppi and Woodberry in their plush hotel at the wee hours of this morning.

With the type of lifestyle the duo flaunt on social media, Nigerians are wondering the type of job these two are into, with many thousands of dollars worth of clothing and accessories being bought by these guys on a day to day . After the arrest which sent the entire social media into a frenzy, it's been revealed that they successfully intercepted a deal of over $100 million which the us government was paying to get ventilators for COVID-19 patients in Native America.

They have a special programming tool wont to hack emails and monitor big transactions happening between companies. They acknowledged of the discussion between the United States government and therefore the manufacturer through an email hack and waited till it had been time for payments to be made. All they did was intercept the e-mail from the manufacturer and smartly entered their own account number without the knowledge of both parties.

After this deal went through, Hushpuppi bought a 2021 Rolls Royce Cullinan worth over $500,000 and also a Villa; this purchase triggered the US authorities as they need been trying to trace down variety of internet fraudsters who are on million dollar scam deals for a few years now. The Interpol and FBI stormed their plush abode within the United Arab Emirates and arrested both Hushpuppi and Woodberry. they need been flown to Washington to account their crimes.

Now, when this particular trend dies down, we might return to hailing people with questionable sources of wealth, and ask them to "bless your boys', or 'do giveaways", and anyone who dares mention their source of wealth, we shut it down with the standard "stop being a hater" bleatings. The painful thing now's that, people everywhere the planet will almost whenever associate every Nigerian with fraud. But let's act all saintly today and condemn fraud and corruption.
It is also deserve note that after Hushpuppi denounced being a Nigeria citizen, I don’t think it's right tagging him as a Nigerian anymore. Nigerians are neither partakers nor beneficiaries of his fraudulent act. The Interpol had Hushpuppi in their sights for several years and just allowed him build up the overwhelming evidence that they needed. His “fans” also fanned his flames by hailing him constantly on social media.

I don’t think anyone ever believed Hushpuppi's money was legit. The lavish lifestyle, boast then many other things made it obvious. the reality is that scam has levels and he's in real trouble now. After scamming or doing whatever he does to form money, he comes online to evangelise diligence and resilience.
As the case soldiers on, he should have at the rear of his mind that one charge of wire fraud is 20 years in jail, now imagine what percentage wire fraud charges awaits him within the US. Illegitimate source of wealth will always come to haunt you. Now there's a ripple effect to the saga as this news have destroyed tons for remote workers. there's a report of a person who got turned down by five foreign clients because he's a Nigerian.

The likes of Hushpuppi, Mompha, Woodberry and therefore the rest scam cliques make young Nigerians hustling for legit money look stupid with their flamboyant lifestyles. tons of Nigerians believe that he's into land , sells and buys land in Dubai at affordable prices. and therefore the money he earns from doing that, he donates it into charity by buying clothes and shoes from Gucci and sending them to Nigeria.
Just a couple of years ago, Hushpuppi shaded the likes of Phyno and Ice prince for cutting their coat consistent with their cloth. Now he has been arrested for fraud. We wait to listen to his explanation of how he made his wealth from land . We all wish to possess money, even extra money , like business mogul, Aliko Dangote and even Hushpuppi. it's the cash we wish to possess , we do not wish to become fraudsters, and it's just a wish. Truth is people make his amount of cash or more by doing things legit way.

Integrity is that the major trait involved when it involves fraudulent misconduct, and therefore the standard of living is extremely low amongst 90% of our population. We are currently being bombarded with a replacement generation of mis-educated individuals cultured to seem at these "FRAUDSTERS" as "ROLE MODELS".
According to the good Obafemi Awolowo; ''When the disciples are ready, the master will appear. it's the readiness and yearnings and aspirations of the folks that will determine the calibre and character of these who rule them. during a society of rogues, honesty are going to be an important discount''. Everyone wishes to possess their sort of money but the sole difference is how it's made ''legally'' or ''illegally''. If Hushpuppi may be a legit businessman the reality will tell, and if he's a scammer, we'll know in due course.

Wishing to possess Hushpuppi's money and eager to engage in fraud to possess it aren't one and therefore the same thing. I generally agree though that Nigeria has become a society that condones fraud and corruption. Everyone chooses who they need to become. at heart we all know ill-gotten wealth is bad. I condemn ill gotten wealth and any sort of criminal activity especially fraud; you be at the rear of your laptop and defraud people of their sweat and life savings. that's another level of wickedness.
As far as i do know , the important Nigerians are good and that they have integrity, that's the hard truth!

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