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Odumeje Narrates his Encounter With Arondizuogu and Pericoma’s Son, Kinsmen In police headquarters

METROOdumeje Breaks Silence, Narrates Encounter With Pericoma’s Son, Kinsmen In police headquarters 

Controversial Anambra-based pastor, Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere better referred to as Odumeje, on Friday, broke his prolonged silence over his face-off with Awka and Arondizuogu communities in Anambra and Imo state’s respectively, alleging sustained plots by his traducers to blackmail him with all manners of allegations.

Odumeje, who was said to possess been arrested, insisted that this was never the case. He said he was only invited by the police at the Central police headquarters , Onitsha, supported the petitions against him by the 2 communities, but was allowed to travel home an equivalent day.

His close friend and associate of quite 10 years, Chief Olisa Onyeka, who spoke earlier to Sunday Telegraph, contended that he went with him to the police headquarters where a crowd of Arondizuogu people, led by the son lately Chief Pericoma, a well-liked traditionalist and masquerade proprietor, attempted to mob him.

According to Onyeka, it took the intervention of the Divisional policeman (DPO) to avert the attack. He ordered the irate mob to go away his office and remain calm while peaceful deliberations were happening .

“I took him to the police headquarters and he was never arrested. They (police) invited him and that we were allowed to travel home on an equivalent day,” he explained.

Speaking further he said: “Arondizuogu people came in their numbers and therefore the son of the late Pericoma wanted to start out making trouble but the DPO stopped him.”

While efforts were being made to resolve the crisis, Odumeje, who personally spoke with Sunday Telegraph, contended that he had no plans to attack the traditions of the Igbo people, adding that folks had been using the platform to extort money from innocent members of the general public within the name of miracles and solutions to their problems.

He further alleged that thanks to his Christian service to the society, some people that had been thrown out of their illegitimate businesses had been going about blackmailing and discrediting him for working in God’s vineyard.

“I am a Prophet and Servant of God and no-one born of a lady can stop the evangelism of the word of God. People use tradition to deceived people and extort huge sums of cash from them and that i said this must stop.

“They carry calabash with palm fronds and tie white cloth on the stems of massive trees and use them to defraud unsuspecting members of the general public and that i said no! Enough is enough! and that i challenge them, allow them to attempt to stop me and that i know they can't succeed and if that happens, i will be able to resign as a pastor,” he said.

He said that a serving Senator of the Federal Republic, a Muslim, was in his house in Onitsha on a visit after he (Odumeje) cured him of HIV/AIDS also as his wife, adding that an outsized expanse of land had been provided for him to create a cathedral in Abuja so as to not operate only in Onitsha.

“As we are talking now, a serving Senator whom I cured of HIV/AIDS is in my house. After the deliverance, he has visited the hospitals and that they have confirmed him and his wife are now negative,” he added.

Continuing he said: “There are pressures from the Muslim community on behalf of me to return over, but I said no because I cannot take what belongs to Igbo land to the North or outside Igbo land because this is often our own and that we must protect it.

“But here in our Igbo land, some people are bent blackmail and discredit me but within the name of our Lord Jesus , they can't have their way.”

Reacting to the attacks by some pastors who saw his brand of Pentecostalism as unacceptable, Odumeje contended that such people were scared of being exposed over what they are doing secretly within the name of evangelism.

“No, I don't care about what they're saying or what they feel about me and my church. But one thing is obvious , only God has the infinite powers to mention who is true or wrong and God will judge us all.

“If you go underground and secretly to try to to tons of fetish things to urge power from God know where, you'll always be afraid. These people with their cohorts within the demonic world came from hell and once they come, I give them hell because they're from hell and hell they're going to return to. I challenge any of them to return forward and challenge me and you'll see what is going to happen to them. i'm the lion and therefore the Pastor of our Lord Jesus and what I do is to assist the helpless, assist the needy.

“Tell me what percentage pastors have reached bent the needy and since this COVID-19 Pandemic? Both my church members and people who don't belong to my church have benefited and that i am still doing more. But those blackmailers and illegal broadcasters aren't happy about it but Our Lord Jesus knows the guts of men and anyone that challenges me and my church is challenging our Lord Jesus and if they are doing not repent, they're going to be consumed in their sins,” he warned.

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