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Presidents wife is now the presidents girlfriend. Aisha buhari is now buharis girlfriend (See proof)

It seems Aisha Buhari could also be having a strained relationship together with her husband president Buhari going by her incessant and frequent outburst with aids and shut associates of president Buhari her husband.

Is it that Buhari don't need her input in his administration or is that the culture of the North that the place of the wife is within the kitchen and therefore the bedroom? When Aisha came bent say that her husband administration has been hijacked, Buhari in his reaction said that his wife Aisha need to be within the kitchen and therefore the other room.

A wife need to have influence over her husband. A husband need to hear his wife, accord privileges to her and trust her judgements on issues but this haven't been the case between Buhari and Aisha. Buhari seems to possess trust and confidence on his aids quite Aisha Buhari.

If Buhari relationship with Aisha is cordial and trust her judgements on issues, when protocols isn't observe within the villa, is simply Aisha draw her husband attention thereto and he will respond soon without Aisha having confrontation and outburst with appointee's of her husband.

If Buhari and Aisha relationship his cordial and he trust her judgements on issues, the aids and appointee's of Buhari will hold her in high esteem. they might be loyal to her orders and needs in other to not be seen by the president to be disrespectful to his wife.

The president often take side together with his aid's and shut associates anytime there's an outburst involving Aisha.

The recent outburst is that the flagrant refusal to self isolate after coming back from lagos to the villa by one among the trusted aid's of president Buhari. This led to confrontation between Aisha, her children and therefore the aid. There was gun shots within the villa within the hit of the confrontation. one among the help of Aisha was reportedly arrested on the order of the IG. the help remains within the custody of the police. The president has ordered investigation into the matter.

Aisha Buhari happens to be the sole first lady since the inception of Democratic rule out Nigeria that's not having influence in her administration.

What then is that the issue between Aisha and her husband president Buhari?

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