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 Her Execllency, Dr. Mrs Eberechukwu Obiano ( Osodieme Global, Omepuru onye ona ara ahu, ochiri ozuo umuagbara, oji ulo emere Ndi ajadu ogo et al); 

and her wonderful NGO initiatives ~ Caring Family Enhancements  initiatives ( CAFE); Giving mobility aides to the cribbles, and artificial legs and hands to those that have amputation problems, succors and enlightments to less privileged, houses and shelters to homeless. 


berechukwu melu Ndi Anambra ( God's merciful kindness to Anambrarians as her name portrays) ; is at the fore front of girl child enlightenment and empowerment initiatives. 

This has gone a long way to reshape the living condition of thousands of girls in the state and beyond ...( yes, I put "beyond" because you also witness her going out of the state to other states and countries to extend her good deeds).

Today, a lot of girls are gainfully employed while some have become employers of labour in their respective locations ( as fashion designers, soap makers, bead makers, computer programmers and publishers, paint divas and make up gurus, to mention but afew); this has contributed meaningfully to the socio~economic development of the State. If this is not laudable, then the naysayers must be from another planet ( Ebe Ife oma nasa afo~ a universe where good deeds causes stomachache).

Without sounding  hyperbolic as my young vibrant memory is still actively serving me right, Homless Widows( God  rest the souls of their  departed husbands) can testify, that this is the first time in the history of the state that houses and shelters are built, furnished and equipped with good tap borne water for widows. 

I have gone this length, to tell us without equivocation, that Her Execllency, Dr. Mrs Eberechukwu Obiano ( Mother Theresa of our Time); is indeed a bright diamond causing illumination and smile to the sorrowful mode of homeless widows, less privileged, destitutes, downtrodens and many that are constrained by life challenges.

CAFE for the benefits of commoners is a private charitable initiative of the wife of the Governor, distinct from the Anambra State Government. It's activities and programmes are privately funded. CAFE is not funded from public coffers of any sort; neither does it receive any appropriation from the Anambra State Government. No wonder the driving force of Mother Teresa's Charity Foundation.

It is important to note also,  that CAFE is supported by philanthropist, and donors who identify with the charity, and who are often acknowledged in the projects executed by the organisation.

Mrs. Obiano’s charitable intervention has been a way of life wherever the first family resided. Since the 80s, there was ample evidence of their charity give-away programmes at Kano Street, Ebute Metta, Lagos which included food items, used clothing as well as ensuring the upkeep of the homeless and the elderly in the Old Persons’ homes. The founding of CAFE in August 2014 was therefore a formalisation of that tradition of selfless giving. Since inception, CAFE has impacted positively on indigent widows who has benefitted from its free housing  projects in Amichi, Agulu, Alor, Amorka, Awba Ofemili, Aguleri, Enugwu Otu, Nnobi, Nri, Nibo, Ogbaru, Obosi, and Ozubulu, among other communities in Anambra State.

CAFE has also trained and empowered up to 8000 indigent women on various skills, thereby changing their lives for good.

Concerned about the dignity of women and their well-being, CAFE has built 30 modern public toilet facilities in rural markets across Anambra State and constructed 67 water boreholes to lessen the burden of women in hard-to-reach communities.

Another giveaway programme of CAFE is the donation of wheelchairs and mobility aids. Perhaps one of the most talked about interventions of CAFÉ is the Home Mentally Challenged Nteje which, in conjunction with the state Ministry of Women Affairs, takes care of strayed mentally challenged persons who are rescued, managed, rehabilitated and reunited with their families.

As a socio-philanthropic organisation, CAFE does not request any form of gratification or payment from beneficiaries or potential beneficiaries. Rather it trains, equips and empowers the indigent and the less privileged to start up and add value to the society. CAFE has also provided over 2000 physically challenged persons with prosthetic limbs and mobility aides. But perhaps the most impactful and enduring programme of the NGO is in the promotion of human capital development with over 5,000 women beneficiaries, including widows and physically challenged.

Already many attest that CAFE which set out with modest objective to become a beacon of sustainable empowerment for indigent women, widows, the physically challenged and the less privileged persons in Anambra state and beyond, has indeed already become a high impact humanitarian organization and a global champion of charitable causes.

Driven by an unusual compassion and belief in the remarkable thoughts of John Bunyan in The Pilgrim’s Progress that, “You have not lived today, until you have done something for someone who can never repay you,” Her Excellency Dr. Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano has effectively used the CAFE platform to expand the frontiers of charitable giving like never seen before in these paths. For instance, CAFE is promoting hygiene and the dignity of women with a campaign to stop Open Defecation. It has constructed many modern public toilets in rural markets across Anambra State. Also to assist women in hard-to-reach communities, the NGO has completed 47 water borehole projects to complement government efforts in water supply. In fact, the positive impact of the water projects has attracted global recognitions and partnerships with reputable organizations to CAFE, and appreciations of Mrs. Obiano’s charitable initiatives with conferment of awards as EU/UNICEF Water Health and Sanitation (WASH) Ambassador, as well as United Nations Peace Ambassador.

In the same vein, working in collaboration with Smile Train Incorporated, an international organization empowering local medical professionals to provide free cleft lip and/or palate surgery, CAFE has facilitated free corrective surgeries for over 100 children and persons with congenital mouth disorders of Cleft lip and Cleft palate at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH) Nnewi, Anambra State. Again in “recognition of her immense contributions and selfless services through CAFE to cleft care,” Mrs. Obiano was made Smile Train Ambassador on 29th March 2018.

Many thanks to " Osodi Eme" for the support, kind-heartedness, benevolence over the years most especially towards the needy, vulnerable, and physically deformed persons in our society. Individuals with physical deformities like cleft lip, anophthalmia etc which have been given maximum attention. Also, up to 200 children have received free surgeries for cleft lip/palate deformity, while over 2,000 have so far received free prosthetic limbs from the organization by Her Excellency through the caring family enhancement Initiative programme.

Little told; More untold Osodieme Global is an exceptional woman who have the under previlaged indigent/ widow's interest in mind. Thank you for always being at the door- steps of these less previlage in our society. Indeed, your kindness, compassion, empathy & love has brightened their lives and your generosity will forever remain in the heart of ndi Anambra.





... must be commended, eyelet onye akidi na nke ogworo, Ike adi ya igwo ozo karia ka ogworo na mbu...


Nze Thank God Umeh (Ochigwe II) 

Public Affair Analyst & Social commentator. 

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