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See touching lessons one of laycons fan in icons page learnt about laycons to The world.

 Big Brother might be an immoral show as they say but this year's BBN taught me a few lessons.

1. You can't fight grace and win (lessons from Laycon and vee)

2. People really care about what you have to offer rather than how you look. Good looks is just a plus (Laycon)

3. Grace can take you far in life even when you seem not to be a favorite initially (Laycon, vee, neo, trickytee)

4. Don't judge people based on looks, be patient enough to see what they can offer (Laycon, trickytee)

5. Pride really goes before a fall, even the Bible says God resists the proud, God hates pride. Imagine feeling you're bigger than the show that gave you a platform to be known worldwide?? A platform that can boost your career??

BONUS: People support housemates with similar characters, attitude like themselves. We see ourselves in them, we can relate to who they are and what they are going through, how they think etc.

That's why you see a certain housemates and his/her fans seem to behave alike, it's like they are all the same whether good or bad.

A toxic housemates will end up with toxic fans. A good housemates will end up with good fans 

6. Watch out for People who fabricate stories to pull down a person, most of the times they are guilty of what they are fabricating, the fake stories they fabricate came from their imaginations, imaginations that did not begin that day. Many a times these false stories are something they are guilty of and capable of doing. 

7. Bitterness and hatred towards outsiders will end up destroying you from the inside and continue destroying until it leads to your end.

8. People want to be told the truth, people expect you to be plain and blunt with them instead of deceiving them but in reality they can't handle the truth. Vee is a blunt person that will tell you anything to your face, back up what she says behind you with her chest, something people claim they want from others yet she is hated.

9. Women empowering women is many a times a scam (a topic for another day)

10. The amount of People that love toxicity and bad character is alarming. They encourage bad behavior and toxicity because they are guilty of it, they don't see anything wrong in it and are unwilling to change from it. Advice them at your peril, advice and become their enemy.

11. Unless you free your mind from bitterness and hatred. You cannot appreciate Love.

12. We all need a good friend in our life, a friend that has your back 💯%. A friend that keeps it real with you. Never abandoning you to your fate when you are making a mistake. Tells you the hurtful truth and gingers you to jazz up. (Laycon and vee especially)

13. Modesty and decency is actually a big deal. Learn to live a modest and decent life.

14. There is nothing hidden under the sun. On judgement day, your life on Earth will be played before you just like the clips of an evicted housemate after eviction.

These are some of the lessons I can remember.

Have a great day icons 💡❤️

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