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Nigeria at 60 is a fool at 40, people reacts on independen.


Every Nigerian is just reacting , praying that one day things can get to normal.On citizen of Nigeria said, things are not good after the reign of obasanjo,some are saying it's after Good luck,some said it's after Azikiwe..But as a citizen do you think that after this situations that things will one day go the way that we all wanted.

Everything is falling apart, Nigeria reacts as they where celebrating The 60th anniversary or independent,Some asked questions is,who will come to our rescue,who will stand on the Truth,who will say this is right and that is wrong.Everybody is a prisoner in his own family,when will Nigeria be free.

Celebrating the 60th independent does not mean we are happy,we are just obeying the instructions so that we will not be ashamed of other countries insults.

Politics and politicians are heartless they only fight for their own freedom and well being,they don't fight for country,they fight for power not honour.

Independence Day is an official national holiday in Nigeria, celebrated on the first of October. It marks Nigeria's proclamation of independence from British rule on 1 October 1960. So for this reason, Nigeria celebrates its independence on 1 October every year. 

Before when everything is right children will compete on matchpast in various LGA among all schools in all States of Federal republic of Nigeria, what's happening today, Instead the country embark on seat at home that  not even The president song know anything about.

The country is in deep mess as everyone of the citizens is angry about whole situation of the country.

There are various posts on social media especially Facebook

When u're coming back from Lagos to East, in Lagos you will see Hawkers shouting..... 

Gala, Lacasera, coke, fanta even red oil... 

Come down to Ore, you will hear them shout.....  Banana, groundnut, pure water. 

Come down also to Benin, you'll hear.....  Sweet bread, bottled water, plantain chips. 

 Come down to Delta State, you will hear.... Cashew nuts, Ukwa, akwa ogazi, bottle water.. 

My dear, immediately U enter onitsha Upper iweka gbam, you will begin hear.... " O'na arighari gi arighari na ahu? bia na nsogbugi alago.   anyi na agwo pile, pile, pile onaa kpam kpam.....

Onako gi oko na private part? Nso gi ona eme ogba taa echi okwusi? anyi nwere ogwu ya ebea. 

Ara gi ona agba mmiri mana ilubeghi di? ana akpo ya hormonal imbalance. Biko bia kosara anyi"

As if that one is not enough, another thing you will hear 

"Agnes Nwanma dental tooth powder maka ndi eze ure...😀😀😀😀🏃🏃🏃

If you're a Nigerian say hi....!!!!

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