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 The state executives of AfaIgbobuOfu ~AIBO movement landed at the Nanka country home of  Chief Hon. OKWUDILI EZENWANKWO (EWEPUDIKE GLOBAL)MHR; Federal H

ouse of Representative Orumba.

The visitation which is in line with AfaIgbobuOfu drive for level playing grounds across all apga aspirants,consultation and familiarization with relevant stake holders of our great party ( APGA) as it is geared towards developing purposeful synergy with  them to ensure clear understanding of the movement ideology.

 On the prologue, National Leader, Hon.  Onyedika Chukwuma Acobarry, (Ikukuoma Politics); maintained that AfaIgbobuOfu movement is group that supports APGA as a political party 

He further maintained that the group is strongly supporting the administration of Chief Dr Sir Willie Obiano (Akpokuedike Global); equally extol, recognize and appreciate good spirited efforts and commitments of Her Excellency Chief Dr Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano (Osodieme Global);in  helping the less privileged and the downtrodden through her Caring family and Enhancement   initiative ( CAFE)

Going further , Hon Onyedika Chukwuma maintained that AfaIgbobuOfu is not Supporting any particular Candidate of APGA until the party gives directive after a credible, free and fair primaries.

He Commended Chief Hon. Okwudili Ezenwankwo (Ewepudike Global);for the numerous projects and empowerments he made possible to his constituency and charged him to continue doing  good works for his people . He also wished him the best of luck on his pursuit for APGA nomination. 

EWEPUDIKE Global who took the center stage to address the AIBO members, didn't waste time to remind them that

'If there's anyone among the aspirants best qualified for the Job, it should be him', therefore, anyone going about to anoint aspirants should not anoint Mr A. and leave Mr. B, they should anoint as well.

"I'm the  oldest apga member, having stayed at the party for 15 years, therefore, I'm no longer a green horn, novice or Johnny just arrive at the party",

It's not in our party constitution asking a party  member,  an incumbent house of representative member for that matter, not to declare his interest to contest for the number one  position  in the state for a purported preferred candidate.

It undermines democratic process, power is not given on a platter of gold it's taken,

"Ndi beanyi jiri kpoo ya Ndorondoro ochichi", O bughi nnyere nnyere ochichi",

All  aspirant should prepare for primaries, let's go to the field, if you win me through a credible, free and fair primaries, I go home happy, canvass support for the flag bearer which will help to spur him or her  to victory in the main Nov 6, election.

The front line apga  governorship aspirant in the Anambra state governorship election, Ikemba Orumba said he was confident in clinching the party ticket through a transparent credible, free and fair primaries ahead of the November 6 poll.

He said  "all powers belongs to God, and he gives it to whoever he wants, aside the God factor, my familiarity with those at the grassroots and the party structure were strong indicators of greater chances of wrestling the ticket in a level playing ground"

The Ideh Okpataozuora insisted that there's nothing wrong in many people coming out to vie for election, the more the merrier, apga is the most beautiful bride, Our Governor Akpokuedike Global has laid a wonderful precedence which will make work less cumbersome for his successor and therefore will go there for 'improvement and expansion'; 

If the Governor didn't do well as being opined by disgruntled opposition elements, nobody will be interested in apga ticket. This is theresfore,a strong indication that the Gov. Willie Obiano has done marvellously well and that apga  party has got a lot of stakeholders that have what it takes to continue from where he did stopped, since governance is a continum.

"We're presently meeting.' Eze fodu nchi ofu, oga negbu nri, we're glad for neutral footsoldiers like AIBO that refused to endorse any candidate, thus standing as a balance figure and not as rebellion.Mutual understanding is needed  among the aspirants. If the party says someone is anoited, let it be no one else but me or lest we move to the field and slug it out. What's good for the goose is also good for the gander.

"I'm, optimistic of going to Agu Awka and I'm still sounding optimistic until I get there. The reason is simply because of the  structure I have in  place and my scorecard as Honorable member representing the good people of Orumba".

Going by my scorecard, if a transparent, primary is done, there's no reason why I won't clinch the ticket. Nothing at all, unless God doesn't want it, because everything we do is in God's hands. All powers belongs to him,If he doesn't want you to win,  you can't. So you must factor God in everything you do in life.

If transparent, credible, Free and fair primaries were done, the way it's supposed to be done, we all will sway  confidence in the flag bearer and spur him or her to victory in the main Nov 6 election.

On the climax of it all, "I still extol the excellent works of our working Governor Willie Obiano and the wonderful efforts of mama Anambra, Osodieme global through Cafe, truly, it's a laudable model worthy of emulation.

Again, I commend AFA IGBO BU OFU members, "I'm satisfied with the movement principled and democratic stand as a party royalist, party royalty is nothing less than 💯+,not endorsing a particular candidate in the same party and acting as a rebellion";

"I therefore advise you all to remain committed to the party and avoid joining issues with myopic permutations that are alien to the party democratic process".

"Thank you AIBO for choosing APGA as your political party and the immesurable  support you have given to the administration of our dear working Governor, His Exellceny, Chief Dr. Sir Willie Obiano (Akpokuedike Global);



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